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21 November 2010

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English Book Published - 'A History of Dutch Quilts' by An Moonen



The Netherlands has a long tradition of quilt making. The oldest references to what was called a ‘culte’ date from the 13th century, while a number of 17th century quilts have also survived in museums and private collections. These, in combination with antique bedclothes, provide a faithful impression of household textiles in the time of Rembrandt and Vermeer. The silk used for the original cultes, which were products for the aristocracy and the rich, was supplanted at the end of the Dutch Golden Age by hand-painted Indian cotton chintz, a process in which the extensive textile trade of the Dutch East India Company played a significant role. In the eighteenth century, the large quantities of chintz and European printed cotton led women to use leftover pieces of fabric to make quilts or bedcovers that display a magnificent variety of creative expression. The author considers at length the materials used, the patterns and the techniques.

This book provides a comprehensive insight into the distinctive history of Dutch quilts. It becomes clear that Dutch quilts made a contribution to the development of quilts in the United States of America. The first Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam, which later became New York, brought quilts with them from their mother countries in the seventeenth century. Descriptions of these quilts can still be found in the emigrants' estate inventories that have been preserved in the New York State Archives in Albany.

The second part of the book presents a selection of 71 of the total of 380 recorded antique Dutch quilts and quilted textiles, making it possible to compare antique quilts from all over the world with those from the Netherlands. The Dutch quilts can also serve as inspiring examples for the many quilts being made everywhere today.

This book is the long-awaited, lavishly illustrated review for quilters, quilt lovers and everyone interested in textile history.


A History of Dutch Quilts is a well researched, well written book and definitely is a book for anyone interested in quilt history. This hard cover, 232 page book also has lots of beautiful photographs of stunning quilts from the 16th century forward.

Gwen Marston, Beaver Island, MI - (read this book review)


I read A History of Dutch Quilts, cover to cover, and send you a huge bouquet of flowers (metaphorically speaking)! Your research is wonderful and on point, the language is spirited -- what a triumph! Your contribution to international quilt history is splendid.  Thank you so much for sending it.  Thanks also for the mention, although it is undeserved as my role as reader was minimal.  My best to you,

Kathryn Berenson, 20-01-2011



I had purchased a copy of your book in Dutch when in the Netherlands a couple of years ago, and while I loved looking at it, of course I could not read the text, which is wonderful.  I think it is very important to American history and indeed to quilt history in general.  You collected in one book information that I had to seek in bits and pieces in many other books. My thanks again for creating such a wonder resource.

Linda Miller, USA



"A History of Dutch Quilts" by An Moonen


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November 2010


As soon as the English translation was ready and ventured into the world with the title:

A Dutch History of Quilts, An went to the INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL IN HOUSTON

in November 2010.


She presented her book during this huge quilt event of America’s quilt world. Since many years

it is an important festival organized by those two ladies Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant

and their staff.


Karey Bresenhan (left), An Moonen, Nancy O'Bryant (right)


An exclaimed, “I owe these dear ladies a lot and not only because of their encouragement over 20 years! We have worked together since 1992 during many festivals they have organized in Europe. In the past I had promised them to come to Houston when my work would be published in English!”


An continues, “This time in Houston I was given the opportunity to give a lecture about my research. In these lectures I explained that the roots between Dutch and American quilts are very close and in fact directly connected to each other.”


“In the NY State Library, I discovered the archive with the first Dutch household inventories (thanks to Mr. Charles Gehring) in which many quilts were mentioned. I was able to show the audience copies of the original papers of this archive mentioning quilts the first Dutch immigrants had in their house during the time when New York was still named ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’, which confirms these quilts were indeed 17th century.”


“In Houston, under the lecture title CRIB AND DOLL QUILTS, I discussed the 2,000 years of Dutch Quilt History. This was a lot of fun to do and the audience gave a wonderful reaction! After the lecture, we were able to show the antique quilt of Mrs. Meester, dated about 1800.”



After the lectures and during the whole festival An was selling and signing books in the booth of DEN HAAN & WAGENMAKERS from Amsterdam. An was quick to offer praise, “I am very grateful to my dear friends Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman, who gave me that opportunity.”



Following the very successful Houston International Quilt Festival, this highly

sought after book has been sold into 15 countries and remains highly acclaimed,

not only by historians and quilters but also by those who just enjoy quality literature

and splendid photographs.



Pre Publication - Registrations of Interest


Many thanks to all those who have pre registered for a copy of the

English version of my book "A History of Dutch Quilts".


We were very grateful to hear from you and we are busy making arrangements

and will communicate directly with you shortly regarding delivery!


An Moonen             



Update 25 February 2010

Al enige tijd heeft U geen nieuws kunnen lezen op deze site! Dat wil niet zeggen dat er niets gebeurd! Mijn uitgever en ik zijn hard aan het werk voor de Engelse vertaling van Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Quilt. Verder heb ik de laatste tijd gewerkt aan het voorbereiden van diverse lezingen, die ik dit voorjaar ga geven, voor diverse groepen leden van het Quiltersgilde, de Kostuumvereniging en particulieren. Mijn webmaster heeft zijn taken voor het onderhoud overgedragen aan mijn broer, en samen hopen we beter op de actualiteit in te kunnen spelen in de toekomst. Wanneer U vragen heeft kunt U me altijd bereiken, via Antique Textile . Alle maanden sneeuw en ijs doen me nu verlangen naar de lente en zon!
Westervoort 25 februari 2010

You did not hear from me for a while on this website. That does not mean nothing is happening! My editor and I are working to get the English version of my book The Dutch quilt History ready. The last months I have been working on lectures which I give in spring for the Quiltersguild , the Costume Society and others. My webmaster gave the responsibility for this site to my brother, and together we hope to give you more actual news in the future. If you have questions, you can always reach me at Antique Textile . Now, after months of snow and ice, I long for spring and sun!
Westervoort, February the 25th, 2010


Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse quilt


Book News


Sinds het verschijnen van het boek, heeft An veel lezingen gegeven door het hele land.

Het is fantastisch hoeveel belangstelling hiervoor is.

Ook voor het komende winter seizoen zijn al veel voordrachten gepland.


De verkoop van de Nederlandse uitgave van het boek gaat goed.

Voor U het weet is onze voorraad op!

Als U voor Sinterklaas of Kerstmis nog een exemplaar wilt moet U nu bestellen!


U kunt het kopen bij de boekhandel, de diverse quiltwinkels of bestellen bij

de uitgever Uitgeverij Van Gruting, en het kost € 37,-.





New York - The Bard Graduate Center - Sept. 2009


Dutch New York between East and West: The World of Margrieta van Varick
Friday, September 18, 2009 - Sunday, January 3, 2010
Location: The Bard Graduate Center, 18 West 86th Street, New York, NY


On loan to this exhibition are An's 17th Century baby quilt and An's 17th Century napkin.






322 South Juliana Street                         info@coverletmuseum.org

Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522                 www.coverletmuseum.org


Special Exhibition


Flax & Fleece: Fibre to Fabric


Symposium September 26, 2009
Exhibition Opening September 27, 2009


To listen to An's lecture at this symposium on

The Linen Trousseau in the Village of Markelo About 1900,

please register your attendance with the museum, or via the contact details above.







Eindelijk is het zover! Afgelopen zaterdag 13 december 2008 is mijn nieuwe boek

Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse quilt

gepresenteerd in het Fries Museum te Leeuwarden. Het was een bijzonder feestelijke gebeurtenis. Na een jaar van hard werken ligt het nu in de winkel.


U kunt het kopen bij de boekhandel, de diverse quiltwinkels of bestellen bij de uitgever Uitgeverij Van Gruting, en het kost € 37,-.


Het boek is ook te koop gedurende de tentoonstelling t/m 29 maart 2009 in het Fries Museum

QUILTS - Kunst met een Q

Zie Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

betreffende de openingstijden en het activiteiten programma.


Ik zal op de open dagen op 16 en 17 januari 2009 bij Petra Prins in haar quiltwinkel te Zutphen aanwezig zijn en lezingen ‘in natura’ geven.


Op 29 januari en 5 februari 2009 zal ik in het Fries Museum een lezing geven. Kijk hiervoor op het activiteiten programma op de website www.friesmuseum.nl.






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Goed nieuws!


An is 2008  begonnen met de energieke start voor haar nieuwe boek. Samen met uitgeverij Van Gruting wordt er gewerkt aan het derde boek betreffende de Nederlandse quilt geschiedenis.


Het gaat heten: DE GESCHIEDENIS VAN DE NEDERLANDSE QUILT, met als ondertitel:…"eenige curieuse, gestickte deeckens”…… Deze woorden vond An in een  advertentie van de Amsterdamsche Courant van omstreeks 1717.


Het is de bedoeling dat het boek in het najaar 2008 uitkomt.


Uitgever: http://www.vangruting.nl/kunst/ned_quilt.html


Bestellen? Druk dan hier!




2007 was een jaar van de nieuwe knieën! De operaties, en revalidatie en het normale leven weer oppakken had even tijd nodig. Maar met geweldig resultaat.



Van lapje tot kinderdeken, antieke en hedendaagse quilts.


Van de antieke dekens van An Moonen worden er binnenkort negen tentoongesteld in het Liemers Museum te Zevenaar,  en wel van 6 mei t/m 19 augustus 2007.

Samen met quilts van andere collecties zal de tentoonstelling “Van lapje tot kinderdeken, antieke en hedendaagse quilts” op zondag 6 mei door An worden geopend.


Het betreft vooral de kinderdekentjes , waarbij de twee 17de eeuwse niet zullen ontbreken. Voor de babyomslag quilt is het zelfs een landelijke primeur, deze is nog nooit te zien geweest. Hij is meer dan 300 jaar in dezelfde Nederlandse familie gebruikt en bewaard gebleven, samen met ander babygoed uit dezelfde periode. Sinds najaar 2006 “woont” hij bij mij!


Het is een wit zijden toon- of doopdeken,  geborduurd met bloemtakjes, die in fijne stiksteekjes gequilt zijn op de fijne satijnen glanzende zijde. Hij heeft twee “knoopsgaten” waardoorheen een lint geregen is om het geheel vast te strikken.

Samen, met het andere zijden geborduurde quiltje uit de 17de eeuw, zijn het zeer zeldzame exemplaren uit onze Nederlandse quiltgeschiedenis.



Aan de hand van dit nieuws is er een klein interview met An geschreven in het tijdschrift PLUS magazine [mei 2007 nr. 5 pag 146] waarin het plezier van het quilts verzamelen wordt toegelicht.


Dus voor de quilters is het een aanrader om binnenkort naar Zevenaar af te reizen! Voor meer informatie www.liemersmuseum.nl let op de openingstijden!




In het najaar van 2006 werd ik uitgenodigd om een lezing te geven over Nederlandse quilts tijdens het jaarsymposium van de AQSG, dat werd gehouden in Farmington, Connecticut USA. De ASQG is de American Quilt Study Group.

Dit was een bijzondere ervaring. Het samenwerken met andere ‘Quilt historians’ was als een warm bad. De leden komen van alle Amerikaanse Staten en doen onderzoek naar hun specifieke quilt geschiedenis, waarna publicaties volgen.





Click here to see An's Overzicht from 2006!




Stedelijk Museum Zutphen - mode en textiel weekend:


Op zaterdag 19 november was An Moonen, samen Met Mevr. Jacoba de Jonge [collectioneur van mode] uit Amersfoort, uitgenodigd in het Stedelijk Museum te Zutphen om het publiek van advies te dienen. Men bracht diverse heel interessante antieke textiel en kleding mee. Het was een gezellige en leerzame middag. Het is altijd verbazingwekkend, hoeveel textiel, dat werkelijk de moeite waard is, nog gewoon bij de mensen thuis is. Gelukkig! Wat is er leuker dan de kast te openen en af ten toe de stukken ter hand te nemen en te bekijken. Hopelijk na onze informatie met nog meer plezier!


Marianne  Maar, de textielrestauratrice [zie hoofdstuk conservering], was er op zondagmiddag 20 november en heeft ook veel vragen van het publiek kunnen beantwoorden. Velen waren gekomen om haar advies te vragen hoe met de textiel om te gaan en informatie in te winnen aangaande conservering.






Informatie over deze activiteit van het museum vindt U op de website: www.stedelijkmuseumzutphenpaktuit.nl

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New York, Deerfield, Albany

September 2005



An went to the USA in September 2005. She was invited by the board of the Historical Deerfield Museum to give a lecture and workshops during a symposium about samplers.




(below) - On the roof of the Met!



Together with Mrs. Gieneke Arnolli from the Fries Museum at Leeuwarden,  she visited to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where an important collection of Dutch samplers is held.


We are very grateful to the staff of the Ratti Centre of Textiles, that we were able to study these wonderful samplers.







Needlework & Samplers from the Old & New Worlds, 1500-1870



8 – 11 September



Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA



Two years ago the same museum organized the first symposium on the subject of textile research about the history of quilts, from 1400- 1800 and here An was the key note speaker.


This time An was asked for her knowledge of samplers and household textiles.


The workshops An gave were about stitches used in antique Dutch samplers from 1572 onwards 1800. The great variety  surprised the audience, because most people think samplers are made in cross stitch only. Which seemed to be not true at all!



Also from the Netherlands Mrs. Gieneke Arnolli was invited to talk about her research done about the Frisian samplers and published in her book LETTER VOOR LETTER. Gieneke is the textile curator of the Dutch Fries Museum in Leeuwarden.


The lecture of An was about DUTCH DARNING SAMPLERS & NEEDLEWORK FROM THE OPENAIR MUSEUM at Arnhem ,1600-1800.


The interesting and exciting history about the collection itself was worth telling about. The text you can find under “lectures” in this website (coming soon).


All the more than 150 people attending the symposium worked hard together, opened up in sharing information worldwide. Scholars, writers, curators, collectors and other people working with textiles and samplers were together to make this whole event into a wonderful learning experience.


Thanks to the staff of historic Deerfield, and in particular Edward Maeder

who made this happen!


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Needlework & Samplers from the Historic Deerfield Collection 1670-1850



9 September



Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA




Charles and Tandy Hersh textile historians Pennsylvanian Dutch, Gieneke.






From far and wide and shore to shore

They came to Deerfield to hear more


About a subject we hold dear

At times, we nearly shed a tear


Of joy as we beheld such treasure

Made with skill beyond all measure.


We celebrate the girls who stitched

And sewed these samplers, which are rich


With symbols, images and such

We are in awe, we’ve seen so much



Enriched our lives, and met new friends

Ate scrumptious food, and sweets that tend



To give us energy and strength

Discoveries and news at length


That will, in time, sink in we hope

With not a moment left to mope


Or ponder what we’ve missed these days

I do expect you’re in a maze


Where I can join un understanding

That these days have been demanding


With speakers, chat and great exchange

Three hundred years is quite a range


To study, learn and then digest

Such wisdom, gleaned, and from the best


Who love the subject, and will share

Their insight with us all and dare


To make the leap and take the prize

We all have seen with open eyes


A world rich and filled with joy

Come back again, and don’t be coy


You made this such a special time

You made me pleased, I made you rhyme.


Edward Maeder, Curator, Historic Deerfield

11.00 a.m. 11 September 2005




The 4 old students from Karen Finch, London; a long time ago!


An Moonen, textile scholar the Netherlands.

Linda Eaton, curator Winterthur Museum, Delaware

Dilys Blum, curator Philadelphia  Museum of Art

Edward Maeder, curator Historic Deerfield.



The Allen House where Gieneke and An stayed during the symposium!





After the symposium An went to Albany to study in the new York State Archive, in search for the textile in the inventories of the 17th century Dutch living in Nieuw Amsterdam and Beverwijck [New York and Albany].


And of course she found quilted material [quilts, clothing, caps, etc], which the Dutch brought with them, ordered to be sent to the new world, or made by themselves in America. Interesting proof which will be published in her next book!


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During the summer an article was written for the magazine of the Historical Society in Duiven-Loo-Groessen, 3 villages near Westervoort where An lives.

It is about a sampler An bought in 2004 at the auction at the Arnhem Notarishuis.

“DRIEPAS”  jaargang 22 nr.2 juli 2005



It is a story about a girl from Duiven with the initials F V  of whom we could not find the identity. But she made a wonderful samplers in cotton materials, bright colors with old motifs and herself with her geese! It measures 55 x 60 cm.




In June 2005 An went to Paris to visit the Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal, which is a part from the Bibliotheque National to see the pattern book printed about 1527 with patterns which could be used for quilting. That was an exciting event!


Results will be published in my next book about quilt history.





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from the area of MARKELO

by An Moonen



Saturday 9th April 2005



Samplers Society MERKWAARDIG, Nijkerk,

The Netherlands









Quilts Met Zwierig Blomwerk



4th September to 31st October 2004



Westfries Museum, Hoorn, The Netherlands






An opened the exhibition QUILTS MET ZWIERIG BLOMWERK at the 3rd of September 2004


In her speech An told the audience about her recent research about the Dutch quilting history.







During this performance a presentation was given by the historical costume group DE ZAANSE KAPER from Zaandam.



Three ladies of the group, mind the quilted skirt of the first one. It is an exact copy of an 18th century one! Also the chintz is new made by the firm DEN HAAN &WAGENMAKERS  from Amsterdam.

See: www.dutchquilts.nl


The handkerchiefs, ear irons, jewelry and other detailed accessories are original



Foto’s courtesy of Westfries Museum Hoorn.


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Quilts in Panorama Mesdag



17th April to 27th June 2004



Panorama Mesdag Museum, Den Haag,



The Netherlands


Landschappen en duinen in de vorm van quilts en patchworks vormen een bijzondere tentoonstelling in Panorama Mesdag, naar aanleiding van Europa's 9e Internationale Patchwork & Quilt Expo die onder de auspicien van The International Quilt Association plaatsvindt in het Nederlands Congresgebouw.


Here is an impression, of a small exhibition of An's quilts in

the Museum Panorama Mesdag in Den Haag


Click on the picture for full size photo








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